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To monitor environmental contamination from natural and manmade chemicals, the EPA has specified measurement techniques for pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals and many more. Laboratories that perform these tests are requested by developers to certify that the land and water is suitable for human habitation. Several testing techniques involve analysis by Gas Chromatography (GC). Concentrated samples must first be diluted to obtain an accurate measurement. Using the Microlab 600 to perform this sample preparation will simplify compliance and traceability of results with EPA methods.
Common Applications
Pesticide Testing
In some areas, developers are purchasing farmland with the hopes of building shopping centers or new housing. Years of farming have potentially contaminated the soil and water with pesticides. Testing identifies and quantifies the presence of contamination so the results can be used to develop plans for clean up if necessary.
Fuel Remediation
After years of sitting in the ground, fuel tanks can wear out and begin to leak. The extent of the contamination is determined by testing the soil around the leak. Soil is removed and treated to reach acceptable levels of contamination.
Why choose the Microlab 600 for Environmental Analysis?
The Microlab 600 reduces the time and solvent used to prepare samples, lowering the cost per sample processed. The system minimizes technician-to-technician variability, improving the consistency of results. Compliance to EPA guidelines is simplified with traceable calibration back the N.I.S.T. standards.
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